Ajman: Federal and local laws in force in the Department of Economic Development

Ajman, UAE

Federal and local laws in force in the Department of Economic Development


  • Amiri local decision No. 13 of 2015
  • Commercial Registration Act No. 5 of the 1973
  • The law Organizing and Protection of Industrial Property Patents and Industrial Designs No. 17 of the 2002
  • Law of deception and fraud No. 4 of 1979
  • The law Regulating commercial agencies No. 18 of the 1981
  • Commercial Companies Law No. 2 of 2015
  • Trademark Law No. 37 of 1992
  • The law regulating trading in precious Stones No. 9 of 1993
  • Commercial Transactions Law No. 18 of 1993
  • Copyright and related rights law No. 7 of 2002
  • Controls on the import, export and transit of rough diamonds No. 13 of the 2004 Act
  • Anti-cover commercial law No. 17 of 2004
  • Transactions and e-commerce law No. 1 of 2006
  • Consumer Protection Act No. 24 of 2006
  • The organization of the competition No. 4 of 2012 Act
  • Patents and Industrial Designs Act No. 44 of the United Arab Emirates in 1992
  • Small and medium enterprises Law No. 2 of 2014


Source: ajmanded.ae



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