UAE Central Bank warns against Bitcoin



The UAE Central Bank has warned against Bitcoin, terming it as unofficial and lacking sufficient supervision.


The warning was made by Mubarak Rashed Al Mansouri, Governor of the UAE Central Bank, on the sidelines of the Islamic Financial Services Board Summit which started in Abu Dhabi today.


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Pharmaceutical “Trading” Business Activities in the UAE Market

Pharmaceutical “Trading” Business Activities in the UAE Market
Any Pharmaceutical related Business Activity has to be registered as either Mainland or Free Zone structure, however, both structures require certain approvals from the following authorities:
A. Dubai Municipality.
B. Ministry of health.
C. Department of Environment.
The Business activities below are available to be registered in the United Arab Emirates:

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How to Build a Real Estate Business Brokerage in Dubai?

How to Build a Real Estate Brokerage Business in Dubai


Nowadays, the purchase of a home is no longer an action intended only for those who are getting married, but it is also an investment. Therefore, it may be a good idea to set up a real estate, a very profitable enterprise, due to the ever growing clientele and the good moment of the real estate market. In big towns, it is not easy to buy a house or find quality property for rent. So, hiring a real estate agent is a practical way of not having to go out yourself to do the search by paying only the commission.

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Dubai’s big leap forward in ease of doing business

Business in Dubai


Ease of doing business has huge implications for both foreign direct investments and local businesses as this is impacted by the processes, rules, and regulations set up by governments that can help promote a business-friendly environment or hold back local businesses from their entrepreneurial ambitions. The new building permit scheme in Dubai announced by the government aims to ensure speeding up the process of acquiring building permits from concerned government entities to assist investors in the real estate sector. It goes without saying that when systems, rules and regulations are business-friendly, setting up businesses is made easier for not just big companies but also smaller ones that have less capital and resources at their disposal.


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