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FAQ - Setup Zone


We would like to share with you the most frequently asked questions related to the Business Setup, so that we make the job easier for you to understand things in more details.


  • The Ability of carrying your trading activities all over the Mainland without any restrictions.
  • Major choice for all investors who want to have their office premises anywhere in the Mainland



  • 100% Ownership.
  • The ability of registering the company without a physical office.
  • The eligibility of obtaining 3 years residency visas.
  • The ability of opening a corporate bank account.
  • The law cost of the Residency Visa “depends on the Free Zone Jurisdiction”

Please feel free to contact SetupZone, and we will provide you the Best COST EFFECTIVE structure for your business in the UAE.

Share capital is the money invested in a company by the shareholders. Share capital is a long-term source of finance. In return for their investment, shareholders gain a share of the ownership of the company.


A start-up company can also raise finance by selling shares to external investors – this is typically to a business angel or venture capitalist (sometimes also called a private equity investor).

Some Free Zones require the Share capital to be paid and some others are not. SetupZoneZone will assist you to choose the most suitable Free Zone jurisdiction to start your Business without any hassle.

No you don’t. The Free Zone company setup in UAE gives you the freedom of having 100% ownership of your business.

Most of the Free Zones in the United Arab Emirates have the option to register your Free Zone business without a physical office. That type of setup gives you the eligibility to obtain up to TWO (2) Residency Visas, and if you need more Residency Visas you should rent a physical office then.

The Free Zone visa is valid for THREE (3)  years from the day of issuance.

Unfortunately you can’t. The office premises has to be inside the Free Zone Jurisdiction and cannot be anywhere else.

Unfortunately, the Construction/Contracting activities are only allowed in the Mainland setup.

Yes you can with both Mainland and Free Zone business setup. You should provide the documents below in order to sponsor your Wife and Kids.

  • Your Visa copy.
  • Stamped Salary Certificate @ AED 20,000.
  • Attested Marriage Certificate.
  • Attested Birth Certificate for Kids.
  • Residential Lease rent agreement inside the UAE.

Setup Zone can assist you to get all your paperwork done in no time.


Any legal entity inside the United Arab Emirates should be renewed on a Yearly Basis.

The Residency Visa has to be renewed every 3 years from the issuance date.

It depends on the nominated Free Zone jurisdiction and the facilities required. SetupZone has the power to get your License registered in THREE (3) working days with some of the Free Zones in the UAE.

You have to rent a physical office inside the Free Zone Jurisdiction, so that you get the eligibility for obtaining extra Visa for each 9 sq.m. space.

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