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Buying Properties Under Offshore And Free Zone Companies

In case the company is owned by one or more natural person, the following documents must be submitted to register the property ownership transfer:


  1. Non-Objection certificate (NOC) to own property, issued by the Free Zone Authority which the company is registered (The Original NOC must be submitted for each property) – Valid for one month only.
  2. A valid Non-Objection certificate (NOC) from the developer to sell the property (The Original Copy).
  3. A valid trade license (Incorporation Certificate) issued by the designated Free Zone in Dubai.
  4. A recent Share Certificate or Certificate of Incumbency showing names of all owners and managers (directors) of the company (Recent for only 3 months).
  5. A certificate of Good Standing issued by the Free Zone in which the offshore company submitting the application is registered, except the recently registered companies.
  6. Memorandum of Association and/or Articles of Association of the company desiring to buy the property.
  7. If the Business Activities don’t include Purchasing or Owning (immovable properties / real estates / fixed assets) then a shareholder resolution must be submitted that includes an authorization for the company to purchase properties in the United Arab Emirates or in Dubai, or Shareholders must be attended personally to complete the transaction.
  8. Copies of passports of all shareholders including the authorized person to execute property transactions.
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