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UAE Local Partner

Do I need a Local Partner to have a business in the UAE?

For entrepreneurs and SME’s looking to invest in Dubai and the rest of UAE and start their businesses for the first time is somewhat asking if they are legally required to have a local partner (UAE national). The answer is yes if you open a Mainland company or LLC company.


Across UAE, business activities that under commercial or industrial licenses requires to have a local partner who holds the majority interest and retains the controlling stake in your business. The local partner will have at least 51% shares in your license and be your partner. The formation with this way is called a local LLC.


The UAE as well is giving entrepreneurs and investors a way of complete ownership business for those who only requires a professional services license. In such cases you simply require a national service agent (NSA) which is essentially a local sponsor who does not have ownership but who will require some sort of fixed-payment often an annual fee.  Another option is to register your company in one of the free zones in the UAE in this case you do not even require an NSA.


For complete guidance or you require a local partner Setup Zone is ready to help you and answer all your key questions about local partner or sponsorship in the UAE.  Kindly fill-up the form and we will get back to you.

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