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JAFZA Offshore

JAFZA Offshore

If you’re looking for offshore company formation as a way out for your assets or for tax planning purposes, at Setupzone we offer a wide range of services to assist you in the process of business setup. The incorporation of an offshore business is not always a straightforward or easy task. Setupzone specializes in taking care of the legal and document clearing side of the process.


Established in 1985, Jafza is one of the world’s largest & fastest growing freezones. Today Jafza is spread over an area of 48 sq. kms and is home to over 6400 companies, including over 120 of the Fortune Global 500 enterprises, from across the world. It is a leading driver of the burgeoning UAE economy. With its impeccable track record, Jafza stands for innovation, customer centricity, transparent opera- tions and entrepreneurial dynamism.


Special Status Non-Resident Offshore Companies: Jafza, under Jebel Ali Free Zone Offshore Companies Regulations 2003, allows the formation of an offshore Company by individuals or corporate bodies, as a non-resident company, having a corporate legal entity.


Setup Zone specializes in the process of registration and setup of new companies or trade licenses in the UAE.

PRICE: 4000$

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Dubai has passed a law for incorporation of Offshore Companies in Jebel Ali freezone in the Emirate of Dubai.


Some of the unique features of the Companies are as follows:


* No bearer shares will be allowed
* The Ability to own a freehold property
* The Company shall file audited accounts each year
* The Company can open bank accounts with all banks operating in Dubai and also in other jurisdictions.


It’s important to note that Dubai has Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement with the following countries.


Jordan, Sudan, Syria, Kuwait, Morocco, Malta, Yemen, Egypt, Finland, France, India, Pakistan, Poland, China, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Romania, Singapore, Algeria and Turkey.


Important Note:


JAFZA Offshore Company is an International Business Company just like British Virgin Islands IBC, Caymen Island etc. No trade can be done within UAE. No Visa. No Office. Bank account can be opened.

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